Steps in the Process

Here’s the process to begin operations for Yard Harvest:

1. Are there trees around here?

Having just recently returned to Denver from Vancouver, Canada (VERY fertile, due in large part to lots and lots of rain), it was important to know that there are ample fruit trees in Denver that are producing enough excess food for us to harvest and distribute.

There are.

About as many food-producing trees in Denver as there is rain in Vancouver (Lots, seriously). Talking with people at nurseries and tree care services, it was clear that there’s plenty of fresh food going to waste and making messes in people’s yards all over our city.

2. The legalities.

You can’t just go around giving hundreds of pounds of food to kids, the elderly, and other folks in need without following certain protocols. Thanks to the generous support of University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law and other attorneys here in town, we learned what needs to be done to operate safely and legally. We can provide more details upon request, but the second page of this flyer from the Food Bank of the Rockies provides a brief explanation.

3. Find those trees!

We need to know where there are trees that people would like to have us harvest. If you have a tree in your yard, or know of people who do, please let us know by sending an email to We definitely don’t want to harvest anyone’s yard without being invited, and won’t share your contact information with anyone outside Yard Harvest.

4. Invite other folks to take part in the fun!

If you, your business, or other organizations are interested in taking part in this project, please contact us! We’re looking for trees that need harvesting, people and groups who would like to receive food in the fall, vehicles that can bring our gear to the harvests and bring the food to the people who need it, and more people who want to help with any part in the process!

One of the many fabulous aspects of the Yard Harvest model is that we don’t have to compete with anyone. If you’re doing work that touches on what we do at Yard Harvest, please let us know how we can make sure we don’t step on your toes, or even better, how we can help you!