So, we like to party.

Yard Harvest is all about having fun while getting the job done, and our parties are a fabulous opportunity to bring together the many people without whose efforts we simply couldn’t do a thing. These are open to the public, so they’re also a great chance for people who haven’t been involved to come and learn what we do, and to see how much fun we have doing it.

Big thanks to GrooveLife Denver, who will donate proceeds from their very first party, January 22, 2012, to Yard Harvest! They are a new organization that will host shows and other parties, donating the proceeds to charities like ours. That’s a great idea, and it should be a ton of fun.

In addition to individual events like GrooveLife Denver’s, we will have two parties each year:

Season Kick Off, usually in early to mid June; and

Harvest Party, usually in early November.

These parties are hosted at restaurants that highlight local food, and we try to have them start around 5:30, when most people are getting off work, and end around 9:30 or 10:00. These hours mean folks can stop by for a bite or a beer, staying for a few minutes or the whole evening, whatever fits their busy schedules.

Kick Off Party, 2011

Harvest Party, 2011

Have a bite, have a beer, have a blast!