September 24-25, 2011

Harvests in Littleton, Centennial, and the Hampden neighborhood of Denver.

Initially, we focused our efforts on Denver proper. This is important in making sure we don’t outgrow our resources, and also in terms of efficiency. It seems like such a simple thing we do, but if we start crisscrossing all of the Denver Metro, it can take a lot more time for our volunteers to get to the harvest and then deliver it to our partner charities.

That said, we left the door open to folks just outside the city limits in those cases when we had volunteers and recipients who weren’t too far from our members’ yards. In these cases that meant getting to Littleton and Centennial, which allowed us to harvest and donate nearly 300 lbs of apples and just over 100 lbs of grapes, well worth the extra effort.


Before the harvest: Look at how those branches droop under the weight of all those fresh, healthy apples!


After the harvest: No more apples!


Harvesting: Check out the way our crew maximizes efficiency, with a few folks harvesting and others sorting. Efficiency is key.

The Rogoff Crew: This happy family was super helpful in our first season. They came out more than once and even the boys pitched in. Thanks, Rogoffs!