Inaugural Harvest Weekend


The canning workshop at Project Angel Heart.

After spending the weekend with around 50 fabulous volunteers who helped to harvest the food from our generous homeowner/members’ yards, Sunday afternoon was capped with the canning workshop at Project Angel Heart.

They deliver food to people who are terminally ill and unable to prepare healthy food for themselves. Many of them are unable to leave their homes. DYH volunteers joined with people from Slow Food Denver, History Colorado, students from Johnson & Wales University, and many others to make this happen.

Thanks to everyone’s work this weekend, 150 lbs of apples, grapes, and plums will be delivered to Angel Heart’s clients, either fresh or made into jams, syrups, and applesauce. To top it off, based on volunteers’ feedback, everyone involved had good fun doing it.

That’s great stuff.

We haven’t discussed the fact that the day’s workshop was on the 10th anniversary of September 11, but it seems worth a moment of reflection.

Terrorism and crime in general have the potential to make us afraid, to make us leery of contact with other people and the world around us, to break down community. Our efforts this weekend are a testament, small as it may be, to the fact that we will continue to work towards positive ends, to build local connections, spending time with friends old and new, doing simple and great work, and enjoying every minute of it.

To our volunteers, thank you so much for your time and effort and smiles this weekend. Hopefully there will be more harvests yet this season, and you can be sure that there will be more in years to come.

Your time is much appreciated.

Clipping Grapes: Thanks to Trish McGinity ( for taking this great pic! And more thanks to Trish and her (soon-to-be) hubby, Matt, for inviting us to their yard for this harvest. Matt is an old friend of DYH and helped get our website and other communications up and running. This internet thing is really starting to catch on.


A happy harvest crew with a whole mess o’ grapes! The dog did not harvest.

Huge thanks to our many good friends who came out to help this season!